First Grade Yom Sh’ma

This week our first graders and their parents celebrated “Yom Sh’ma,” an afternoon of exploration, learning, creating and, of course, eating. The program focused on the Sh’ma prayer, which is the central prayer in the Siddur and is recited every morning and every evening. The first paragraph of the Sh’ma commands us: V’Shinantam L’vanecha, and you shall diligently teach them to your children, which is precisely what brings us all here together at Krieger Schechter.

In the chapel the children had the opportunity to locate and recite the Sh’ma in the Torah. They were then treated to a demonstration and explanation of t’fillin by Dr. Schneider, our headmaster. Students, parents, and teachers then proceeded to their classrooms where every child decorated his/her own mezuzah. The program concluded with a short video and a story about a mezuzah and of course a delicious snack.