First and Second Graders Learn to Make a Shofar

In preparation for the holiday of Rosh Hashana, our first and second graders learned first-hand about the process of making a shofar.  The program, which was conducted by Rabbi Baron from the Lubavitch Educational Center, began with a discussion about which animals are considered kosher, permitting their horns to be used as a shofar. The children learned that in order for an animal to be kosher, it must have split hooves and chew its cud.  The students were shown and had an opportunity to handle an actual deer hoof in order to better appreciate the meaning of a split hoof.  The rabbi then explained the distinction between an animal horn or antler which is solid (keren) and a hollow animal horn (shofar).  Our first and second graders were given the opportunity to handle a set of deer antlers, which are an example of a solid set of horns.   The students then participated in a hands-on lesson in the process of making and sounding the shofar.  Each class returned to their classroom with a shofar which the children will continue to sand and polish in the coming days.