Are We Indeed Like Clay?

Having begun the study of the book of Breishit, Genesis, with the Jewish story of creation, we approached the the season of the New Year with its many themes focusing on trying to better understand our relationship with God. Comparing the Hebrew words for creation Vayivra and Vayezer, with the Piyut,  the liturgical poem read on Yom Kippur,  “Ki hinei khomer b’yad ha yozer (Behold, we are like clay in the hands of the potter)”, students in Morah Plaut’s 8th grade Bible class wrote their own verse based on a new image and sculpted that image out of clay. The big question we all ask is, are we indeed like clay to be formed and molded, or do we have free will to determine our own actions and fate? And we discover that such is life, especially at this time of year, full of questions and wrestling with God.