A Marathon of Hebrew Learning

This past week, the Middle School Hebrew department, once again, had the privilege and honor to study and learn with the author and head of the NETA (Hebrew Curriculum) program, Mrs. Hilla Kobliner. The Hebrew teachers underwent an intensive three days of classroom observations, one-on-one learning sessions, and faculty workshops with Mrs. Kobliner. Learning is a continuous, endless experience—whether you are a novice or veteran educator; there is always more to learn. What a great model our Hebrew teachers are to our students as they embrace the opportunity to continue growing and remain receptive to new approaches! As Mrs. Kobliner said at the closing of this visit, Krieger Schechter serves as a flagship school for other schools around the nation. She added that she always looks forward to her visits to KSMS and sees them as a personal opportunity to learn and grow. Kol Hakavod to our Hebrew teachers and students who understand that the learning process is eternal!