8th Grade Visits US Holocaust Museum

The 8th grade visited the USHMM (US Holocaust Memorial Museum) on Wed., Dec. 14 as  they culminate their study of The Shoah. We are extremely proud of the respect and dignity displayed by our students throughout the day. As they viewed  the exhibits, students observed the realities of the atrocities of the Nazis against Jews, some Christians, Roma, homosexuals and other minority groups. The overwhelming sadness and sense of loss pervades the human soul, and is especially burdensome for  young people to bear. Yet, the insights, questions and reflections of our students confirms for us that an all encompassing education must include learning about the evil as well as the good in the world. The opportunity to spend time recording their thoughts and illustrating images in their journals provides the students with a means of expressing their feelings. We pray that our young people may know only peace in their lives.