8th Grade visit to US Holocaust Museum

The 8th grade visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday, January 5th as a culmination to their study of the Holocaust in Jewish History. Many parents accompanied their children as we viewed the exhibits and tried to understand the incomprehensible – the worst tragedy of humankind’s inhumanity. Under the guidance of Mrs. Brina Pintzuk, students have been recording their thoughts, impressions and emotions in artistic representation, and in written reflections in  English and in Hebrew. Upon their return to school, the students met in small groups with community rabbis and educators who led a debriefing session. This reflection session provided students with an opportunity to express their feelings and communicate their reactions to the Museum visit.

We are very proud of our students who showed great respect and dignity throughout this difficult day. May God preserve our people always and May the world continue to remember the lessons of this tragedy.