8th Grade Meets Israel’s Diller Fellows

Normally, when we have guests at school, teachers try to quiet our students down so that they can listen to the guest speaker and behave in a way that demonstrates the importance of derekh eretz. Last week, however, when we gathered our 8th graders together to meet a new group of guests, we were excited that no one wanted to stop talking.
Krieger Schechter and Chizuk Amuno Congregation were hosts for a group of Israeli 11th grade students from Ashkelon who are participating in the Diller Teen Fellowship which is a teen leadership program of the Jewish Volunteer Connection and the Center for Community Engagement and Leadership. These students were visiting Baltimore to meet with the high school juniors from Baltimore who are also part of the program. Throughout the year, in both Israel and Baltimore, these students participate in leadership development training and community service.
The Israeli participants were at KSDS and Chizuk Amuno to learn more about Jewish day school education and Conservative Judaism. The 8th graders met with them in small groups where they discussed the Israelis’ trip to America and the 8th graders’ upcoming trip to Israel. They also chatted about what it is like to live as a Jew in both countries and just schmoozed about a variety of other topics. Later, Rabbi Shulman took the Israeli students on a tour of the building and spoke with them about Conservative Judaism.