7th Grade Student Wins First Place in National Writing Contest

Krieger Schechter Day School (KSDS) is thrilled to announce that 7th Grade Student, Ezra G., won first place in the national 2018 Better 2 Write Contest. Ezra’s essay recounting his recent Better Together program experience exhibited a high quality of writing and earned him a scholarship towards an overnight summer camp as well as a generous award for KSDS to use for student scholarship.

Ezra was one of 30 students from KSDS that participated in the national Better Together Program during the 2017-18 academic year. The intergenerational program partnered students with senior citizens to complete an eight-month collaborative project that taught senior citizens about technology while educating students about the elderly.

During the project, students documented their experiences and submitted their final reflections to the national Better2Write writing contest. Of all 332 middle school submissions, Ezra’s was considered to be especially meaningful and well-written. Ezra effectively demonstrated how the program impacted his feelings about seniors, aging, and the mitzvah of caring for the elderly. Read Ezra’s full essay here

The Better Together Program is a two-year initiative that aims to encourage meaningful intergenerational relationships through rewarding, shared experiences. The goal is to teach students to honor our elders while giving seniors a heightened feeling of connection. KSDS and the partnering Myerberg Center were selected to participate in Better Together based on an extensive grant proposal that ensured the KSDS Judaics Curriculum would enhance this program. Middle School Judaic Studies teacher, Ellen Friedman, was instrumental in integrating Better Together into our curriculum and preparing our 7th Grade students, including Ezra, for this important project.

We are honored to have our school and student recognized through this award.