7th Grade Interfaith Program

In conjunction with the 7th grade Jewish History curriculum, which begins with a unit  on the outgrowth of Christianity from Judaism and its position as the preeminent religion of Europe during the Middle Ages, the 7th grade visited the St. James Episcopal Church School in Monkton, MD. during Hol HaMoed Sukkot. Interacting in a variety of activities starting with an initial icebreaker game of kickball, the students participated in a rotation of sessions including meeting the Father in the chapel and learning about the Episcopal faith, building a fragile structure (in connection to Sukkot) and thinking of, discussing and writing about  ways that interfaith experiences can impact us on a personal, community and global level.

Students also joined together for lunch, heard each other’s blessings over food and our Birkat HaMazon. At the end of the day, students expressed their positive reactions to the day and commented on how much they enjoyed meeting individuals from another faith group.

Our students learned that there are a variety of Christian groups with differing rituals and customs. The St. James students also learned that Jewish children also represent a diversified group, and are not monolithic in their beliefs and religious behavior.
We look forward to hosting our new friends at KSDS in the spring.