7th Grade Gettysburg Trip

On April 6th, the entire 7th grade went to The Gettysburg National Military Park to re-enact the famous last day of the battle, called “Pickett’s Charge.” Students received soldier identities, examined primary source documents, got to see what a musket ball looked like, and experienced the beautiful and haunting Cyclorama. Below are some student comments.

“On April 6, we went to Gettysburg and learned about the battle of Gettysburg. Marching through the field where thousands of men died was an unforgettable experience. The Cyclorama was so realistic and the painting was very cool.” – Maya M.

“When our 7th grade class went to Gettysburg, we walked the mile that the Confederate soldiers walked to cross the wall and invade the Union soldiers during Pickett’s Charge. We watched a movie about Gettysburg and went into the Cyclorama. I really enjoyed the trip” – Hannah B.  

“Gettysburg was an educational trip where we re-enacted Pickett’s Charge. We received identities of actual soldiers who fought. I became Calvert P. Dearing. My soldier ended up surviving the battle. My favorite parts of the trips were the monuments, the actual re-enactment and the movie. I had a lot of fun on the trip.” – Adam F.

“On April 6, the seventh grade took a field trip to Gettysburg. Before the trip, everyone was assigned a Confederate soldier identity, every one’s ranks being different. There was one Captain per group. When we got there, we re-created the third day of the Gettysburg battle, Pickett’s Charge. I really liked the different commands like, “right-face”, “left-face” and “half-turn”. I also like the movie because it was very detailed and very dramatic. Finally, I liked the Cyclorama because there was a guided tour that explained every part of the picture.” – Amanda S.

“Our trip to Gettysburg was a great learning experience to enhance our understanding of our current studies about the Civil War. I enjoyed viewing the Cyclorama, hiking on the battlefield and learning about my soldier’s identity. I learned that the soldiers in the Civil War had to put up with so much pain and work. They must have had alot of training. The trip was really fun and enjoyable. ” – Efrem F.

“On Wednesday April 6th, our grade took an educational field trip to Gettysburg, as part of our Social Studies American History studies. We experienced, in a way, what the Confederates felt. We marched the path that the soldiers did, and were given commands to follow. We also saw a short film about the battle, and saw the Cyclorama. I personally liked the battlefield the most. It was fun to march around and experience the event and site as the soldiers. I learned about my given soldier identity – my soldier survived Gettysburg but then deserted the army eleven days later. I found the trip very interesting and enjoyable.” -Aerin A.