7th and 3rd Grade Friend to Friend – Hanukkah and Spanish!

As part of KSDS’s “Friend to Friend” activities, during which an older grade and a younger grade pair together for holiday learning and celebrations, 7th and 3rd graders participated in their annual Hanukkah activity. This Friend to Friend program combines Hanukkah singing, dreidel-playing and snacks, with an exploration of Spain’s Jewish heritage and history, and the Ladino lamguage. Students learn a ladino Hanukkah song together; and then the 7th graders are paired with one or two 3rd graders and help them design a hanukkiah on paper. The older students teach the younger students to count to 8 in Spanish, as well as the names for different colors in Spanish. The 7th and 3rd graders loved all of their activities, and particularly loved the chance to hang out with their older or younger “buddy.”