6th Grade “Teva” Nature Retreat

The KSDS 6th graders spent a soggy but wonderful week at the Pearlstone Center, learning about environmentalism from a Jewish perspective through the TEVA program. Despite nearly constant rain, the students hiked, went stream-walking and worked on Kayam Farm. They learned about cycles of growth and decay, and about choices they can make in their own lives to keep more natural resources “in the cycle,” such as buying items with less packaging, reusing, recycling and composting. The students made their teachers proud by the ruach they showed during sing-alongs, as well as their kavannah during davening. They also proved themselves to be real troopers, hardly complaining at all about the rain, even when nobody had a pair of dry shoes left to wear! We hope that the impact of their learning and experiences at Teva will be personal and long-lasting!