6th Grade Tefillah – Mezuzah Project

6th grade students in Morah Yehudit’s Tuesday tefillah class have been making mezuzot, in conjunction with their study of the Shema and the commandments in it. Working with a parent from the class, students first learned how to tie a set of tzitzit with the proper number of twists and knots, and explored the symbolism of those numbers. Next, students moved on to the mezuzah project. Using colored pencils, india ink and a calligraphy-type pen, students made designs connected with themes from the shema, and then selected and carefully wrote a verse about a commandment that they felt was important to remember. The scroll was then put in plastic tubes, which will then have stoppers added to each end. While these mezuzot are symbolic, and not kosher for use since they don’t contain a kosher “klaf” (parchment with the shema paragraphs written by a scribe), students got to experience first-hand the themes and symbolism at the heart of the Shema’s commandment to place a mezuzah on our doorposts.