6th Grade Pirke Avot Community Presentation

Earlier this month, representatives from the 6th Grade took part in the Global Day of Jewish Learning. This program was a worldwide Jewish celebration of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz’s finishing writing his decades-long Talmud commentary project. To join in this event, the Baltimore community held a “siyyum” – a learning celebration – during which 6th graders from KSDS joined students from other local Jewish day schools to teach the community about a specific set of Jewish texts that they had been studying.

Our students spent several sessions studying some of th key ideas from Chapter 2 of Pirke Avot – Teachings of our Ancestors. The students found a key theme in the texts was “making good use of the short time we have,” and created skits and art projects to help teach about that theme. One student even created a larger-than-life wristwatch, complete with working parts!

Our students presented to the Baltimore community with creativity, confidence and great poise, and had a lot of fun in the process! Great job!!