5th Grade Language Arts

In Language Arts, the fifth grade students have been analyzing root words such as trans- and inter-. Be sure to ask your child the meanings of “interactive” and “transfusion.”

The students have been introduced to the five elements of plot (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution) and have identified each element in their summer book, My Name is Brain, Brian.

Now as they read new texts, the students are learning to use post-it notes to mark passages that are interesting, confusing, or stand out in some way. During class time, the students have a chance to share with their peers the passages they’ve marked. As they read, they are becoming more aware of character traits and have been making lists of adjectives to describe each main character.

The students have been learning about and identifying similes, metaphors, personifications, idioms, and hyperboles. They’ve also created their own personifications and made posters illustrating them.

In writing, the students are working on short essays describing their experiences at Genessee Valley. They are beginning to incorporate similes, hyperboles, and idioms in their writing. During library time, the 5th graders have each researched a famous person with a disability and are in the process of writing an essay on the person’s condition and their methods for coping with this disability.