4th Grade Explores the Founding of Maryland

While many of us reflected on our family travels last week, 4th Graders reflected on the historical voyage that led to the founding of the state of Maryland. Students researched the crossing of the Ark and the Dove using primary and secondary sources, and used their research to create works of historical fiction documenting the arduous four-month journey from Cowes Isle, England to the Chesapeake Bay. A short excerpt from the journal of indentured servant Anne Smith, as written by Ava S:

As we go on deck, we see Master Maxwell talking to the Captain.  We ask him what he is talking about.  
“We’ve lost our food, mostly all of it.”  
“Do you mean we lost the Dove?” I ask.  
“Sadly, yes,” says Master Maxwell.  “I hope we have enough food to get to Barbados,” he says, worried.