2nd Grade Visits Washington, DC

Second grade students and their parents visited Washington, DC on Wednesday, May 25th. The first stop was at the Museum of the American Indian where they were introduced to three Native American tour guides. These guides helped them relate the information they had learned in class about the culture of the Indian tribes from the past to the present time. They were impressed that the children had learned so much about the Indian culture before visiting the museum.

The students continued onto their second stop at the Dirksen Senate Office Building.  They were graciously invited by Senator Ben Cardin and his staff to enjoy their lunches as the Senator interacted with them. He explained how laws are created, acted upon, and enacted. The children participated in deciding what laws they might like to enact, and discussed the probability of their passing a vote by the majority.

Finally, the Senator’s staff arranged a third stop at the Capitol Welcome Center. There they viewed a movie highlighting the history of our government’s growth and the building and rebuilding of the Capitol. Their final treat was a tour of the Capitol, including a visit to the Rotunda.

Everyone felt lucky to be part of such a wonderful day filled with new experiences.