8th Grade Hershey Park Trip Permission Slip & Payment – 2019

Please complete the form below AND online payment of a $45 activity fee by 9/13/19.

By completing the Electronic Signature on this form, I give permission for my child, listed below, to travel to Hershey Park on Thursday, 10/17/19. Students will be walking in small groups around the park, participating in activities and going on rides. The trip will depart at 8:30am and will return by 6:00pm (PLEASE NOTE LATE RETURN TIME TO SCHOOL!!). Students will travel by bus, driven by a driver hired by the bus company, and will have check-in times at the park with accompanying teacher chaperones. Students who do not participate in the trip will have study hall periods at school. I understand that the student, named below, agrees to follow all of the rules of the trip for his/her safety and protection. Krieger Schechter Day School cannot assume responsibility for unforeseen, spontaneous injuries that could not have been prevented through reasonable care.

Q: What does the $45 cost cover? A: The $45 per student is the activity fee for park tickets; KSDS covers the cost of transportation.  If any families need financial assistance, please contact Rabbi Moshe.

Q: How should the children dress for Hershey Park? A:  Dress in layers – a shirt with a sweatshirt/jacket over it (sweatshirt/jacket can be dress-down and can be tied around waist if gets too warm). Students SHOULD wear their KSDS field trip shirts this day. Dress down bottoms (sweatpants, jeans or other (not too tight) dress down bottoms) are okay to wear, but short/skirt length must be dress code length. Please remember that putting leggings underneath a skirt does not count as extending the skirt length.  

Q: Do we need to send lunch? A: You are welcome to send students with a pareve/dairy bag lunch OR send them with money to buy food for lunch in the park. As a Jewish Day School group, we will not eat any non-kosher meat/poultry/shellfish on our field trip.

Q: Can students bring cameras and/or cell phones? A: Phones may be taken on this trip; however, this personal equipment should be used respectfully. Phones should not be used for texting/calling/internet during the trip. As stated in the KSDS Acceptable Use Policy for technology, photos of students or teachers should not be posted or shared electronically at all without approval from an administrator.

Q: What is the procedure for walking around the park? Students will be placed in small groups to walk around the park, and will have designated check-in times throughout the day when the group must check-in with a staff member at a central location. Students will also be given a staff cell phone number to have in case they need anything.

Q: What should students bring to school / on the trip? A: Students can bring a backpack to the park (with lunch, hat, etc.), but students do NOT need any supplies for school, other than a kippah for boys. Period 1 teachers know that students will not have their laptops, books or supplies with them that morning. Please also bring sunblock and a hat.

Q: Do the students need to wear their kippot? A: Kippot must be worn when in school before leaving for the trip. Baseball hats or caps can be worn once they have loaded the buses and throughout the trip.

Q: What happens if it rains or is extremely cold? A: If the weather would absolutely prevent us from being able to experience Hershey Park in a positive way, we will have regular classes at school that day instead.  In the past we have not had a weather problem for this trip, so let’s think good weather thoughts…!

Q:  Where should students report when they arrive at school that day? A:  Students should come to their regular Thursday morning P1 class.