7th Grade Sukkah Sleepover Information & Release Form 2019

Celebrate the Sukkot holiday like you have never done before… with your classmates, sleeping in the sukkah and experiencing Sukkot and harvest-related activities!

Please complete the form below by 9/13/19 for the 7th Grade Sukkah Sleepover at Pearlstone Retreat Center. The bus will depart KSDS Thursday October 17, 2019 after lunch and will return to KSDS on Friday October 18, 2019 by 12:00pm. 7th grade parents should make arrangements for students to be picked up at school at 12pm on 10/18 and taken home. 

Q: What is the cost for this trip? A: You have already paid for the cost for this trip as part of 7th grade tuition/fees.

Q: How should the children dress and pack for this program? A: On Thursday October 17, 7th graders should come to school in dress code bottoms and their KSDS field trip polo shirts (students who do not yet have a field trip shirt should wear a dress code grey or white polo). A packing list is here.

Q: What happens on Thursday in school? What about Friday? A: 7th graders will have a regular Thursday morning of classes at school, will have lunch at school (hot lunch or packed lunch from home), and will load the bus to head out to Pearlstone. Students will return to KSDS by bus on Friday, ready to be picked up by parents at 12:00pm.

Q: Can students bring electronics? A: Pearlstone policy is that no electronics are to be brought on this trip.

Q: What should students bring with them on Thursday, for school and for the trip? A:  **Backpacks which will be used for Thursday morning in school, and then will be LEFT in school overnight Thursday onto Friday. 7th graders SHOULD NOT bring their laptops to school this day so that they do not have to be left at school overnight. Students will come upstairs on Friday to get their backpacks before dismissing. ** Students should also bring a small packed bag for overnight, sleeping bag and pillow. These can be left in the Garden Lounge area until we load the bus in the afternoon. (FULL PACKING LIST IS HERE** Medicines to be taken on the overnight should be handed to the school nurse, in the Esterson Lobby (near security guard), on Thursday morning.

Q: What happens if it rains or is extremely cold? A: The field trip will go as scheduled, whatever the weather.  In inclement weather, the activities will take place indoors at Pearlstone Retreat Center; there is an indoor sleeping option as well.

Q:  Where should students report when they arrive at school that day? A:  Students should drop off their overnight things in the Garden Lounge (near the Esterson Lobby/security guard), and then take their backpacks upstairs to go to their regular Thursday morning classes.

By completing the Electronic Signature on this form, I give permission for my child, listed below, to travel on October 17, 2019 and October 18, 2019 between KSDS and the Pearlstone Retreat Center. Students will be participating outdoor and nature activities, eating and sleeping in the sukkah, and celebrating the intermediate days of the holiday of Sukkot. The field trip is scheduled to depart KSDS at approximately 12:00pm on Thursday 10/17/19, and return to KSDS by 12pm on Friday 10/18/19. Students will travel by bus, driven by a driver hired by the bus company, and will be accompanied by teacher chaperones throughout the activities and during the overnight. Students who do not participate in the trip will not come to school while the trip is occurring.

I understand that the student, named below, agrees to follow all of the rules of the trip for his/her safety and protection. I understand that, as an outdoor/nature trip in the woods in the Maryland area, there is a moderate risk to students from woods-based hazards (branches, bugs, etc.) and particularly from tick bites. Students will receive guidelines to minimize this risk (clothing should cover body as much as possible, checking for ticks after being outside, saving any ticks to be brought to physician following the trip), but the risk is still present. I understand that, as of 8/1/19, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) lists recommendations for precautions for people who could be exposed to ticks and/or Lyme’s Disease, and that it is my responsibility to consult the traveler’s physician to determine and take action on any recommendations or responses. I understand that it is my responsibility to read further details on the CDC’s website, and to check the website for updates to recommendations prior to, and during, the trip. Krieger Schechter Day School cannot assume responsibility for unforeseen, spontaneous injuries that could not have been prevented through reasonable care.