6th Grade Tashlich Walking Trip Permission Form – 2019

Please complete the form below by 9/13/19.

By completing the Electronic Signature on this form, I give permission for my child, listed below, to travel to the stream on Philips Drive on Tuesday 9/24/19 (12:40-2:15pm) (Raindate will be Friday 10/4/19 from 8:15-9:35am.) At the stream, students will participate in a Rosh HaShanah ceremony – throwing bread crumbs into the water to symbolically “wash away” our sins from the past year and help us improve ourselves for next year.

Students should wear KSDS field trip polo shirts and dress code bottoms (if students do not yet have a field trip shirt, they should wear a dress code white or gray polo shirt). IF the trip takes place on the Friday raindate, then students should wear a regular Friday white polo shirt. Students will walk accompanied by teacher and parent chaperones. Students who do not participate in the trip will have study hall periods at school. I understand that the student, named below, agrees to follow all of the rules of the trip for his/her safety and protection. Krieger Schechter Day School cannot assume responsibility for unforeseen, spontaneous injuries that could not have been prevented through reasonable care.