6th Grade Pearlstone Farm Sukkot Field Trip Permission & Payment – 2019

Please complete the form below AND online payment of a $36 activity fee by 9/13/19.

By completing the Electronic Signature on this form, I give permission for my child, listed below, to travel to the Pearlstone Retreat Center on Wednesday, 10/16/19. Students will be participating in group activities around the farm. The trip will depart at 8:00am and will return by 4:00pm dismissal time. Students will travel by bus, driven by a driver hired by the bus company, and will be accompanied by teacher chaperones. Students who do not participate in the trip will have study hall periods at school. I understand that the student, named below, agrees to follow all of the rules of the trip for his/her safety and protection. Krieger Schechter Day School cannot assume responsibility for unforeseen, spontaneous injuries that could not have been prevented through reasonable care.

Q: What does the $36 cost cover? A: There are very few instances during the school year that the school asks for a separate activity fee; this is one of those instances. The $36 per student is the cost of the activity; please note that KSDS covers the cost of transportation.  If any families need financial assistance, please contact Rabbi Moshe.

Q: How should the children dress for the Farm at Pearlstone? A: They should dress in layers – their KSDS field trip shirt (or grey or white dress code polo shirt) with a dress code sweatshirt/jacket over it (sweatshirt can be tied around waist if gets too warm). Long pants MUST be worn since activities take place in the woods; jeans, sweatpants or other (not too tight) dress down pants are okay. Please make sure that your child has appropriate and comfortable sneakers that can get dirty, as many activities take place around the farm. Shorts, skirts, leggings-as-pants or tight pants are NOT permitted.

Q: How should we pack lunch? A: All students should bring a pareve/dairy bag lunch, AND a reusable water bottle.

Q: Can students bring electronics? A: No electronics are allowed on this trip.

Q: Should students bring their backpacks with them to school? A:  Students will not need any supplies from them on this day. While on the trip, they should have only their lunch and water bottle with them. Kippot must be worn when in school before leaving for the trip. Baseball hats or kippot (boys) should be worn on the bus and on the trip.

Q: What happens if it rains or is extremely cold? A: The field trip will go as scheduled, whatever the weather.  In inclement weather, the activities will take place indoors at Pearlstone Retreat Center.

Q: Where should students report when they arrive at school that day? A:  6th Graders should come to Room 250 at the beginning of school this day.