Krieger Schechter News


Grade 8 Learns from KSDS Parent

Miriam Trinh Niborski, visiting scholar at JHU and parent of Schechter students, Ethel, Dina and Ruben, has given so generously of her time by meeting with each of four sections of Grade 8 Jewish History to teach an important lesson about life during the Holocaust. A professor in Israel at the Hebrew University, Miriam has … Continue reading Grade 8 Learns from KSDS Parent


Grade 5 Makes Sense of the Census

In HaMorah Raffel’s Grade 5 Hebrew class, the students completed a learning activity paralleling a modern census versus a Biblical one. Students began by studying chapter one in Numbers (BaMidbar) and discussing the mifkad, which is the poll or census God commanded Moshe to take. Moshe was instructed to count the number of males above … Continue reading Grade 5 Makes Sense of the Census


Kindergarten Field Trip

The Kindergarten recently visited and explored the farm at Pearlstone Center with hands on agricultural activities. Students visited the goats and hens, learned about the milking and laying process, and analyzed different types of seeds and plants. The field trip emphasized shmirat hatevah, our responsibility as humans to guard and protect nature. The farm at Pearlstone uses only sustainable farming … Continue reading Kindergarten Field Trip


Welcome to our Israeli Shinshinim (Ambassadors)

We welcome our Israeli shlichim, Yarden Vilchik and Noy Schwartz, who deferred their army service for one year to immerse themselves in the Baltimore Jewish community. The Shinshinim program is developed and facilitated by the Jewish Agency for Israel, through which they receive extensive training. Yarden and Noy will be part of the KSDS community … Continue reading Welcome to our Israeli Shinshinim (Ambassadors)


Grade 6 Studies Autism

Over the summer, Grade 6 students read the book “Rules” – the story of a boy with autism told through the lens of his younger sister. The book has then been the focus of Grade 6 Language Arts classes for the beginning of this school year. 6th graders also had a wonderful opportunity last month … Continue reading Grade 6 Studies Autism


Friend-to-friend Brings Students Together

This past Wednesday, Grade 1 and Grade 5 students worked together in a Friend-to-Friend activity. First the students listened to a story read by Mr. Thaler. Each page of the book depicted a different country from around the world and a sentence with opposite words, such as weep and laugh. Grade 1 students were then … Continue reading Friend-to-friend Brings Students Together


Middle School on the Move for Sukkot

Middle School students are on the move for Sukkot!! During the intermediate days of the holidays, MS students participate in some fabulous sukkot-themed field trips: Grade 5 students spend a day at the Genesee Valley Retreat Center, learning about trust and community, and building their grade-level’s relationship with each other. Grade 6 students learn about … Continue reading Middle School on the Move for Sukkot


Summer Reading Comes Alive for Grade 6

Mrs. Frisby’s Grade 6 Language Arts class completed a long-term written and oral presentation project about the books they read this summer. Each student gave a “gift” to the main character of their book and justified their choice of the gift by sharing character traits, themes, and specific textual examples from their book. The day … Continue reading Summer Reading Comes Alive for Grade 6


Grade 5 State Fair

How can lower school and middle school students load trucks with Georgian peaches, mine for Idaho gold, and participate in an Alaskan dog race, all in one morning?  By visiting the Fifth Grade State Fair! Each fifth grader created a detailed exhibit about one of the fifty states. Together, these exhibits showcased our country’s history, … Continue reading Grade 5 State Fair


3rd Graders Walk the Oregon Trail

As a sequel to “Apple Valley Days” when Grade 3 simulated life in an 1865 school house, our students traveled to Oregon Ridge to participate in a simulation of walking the Oregon Trail. In preparation, Mrs. Goldstein and Mrs. Hellman helped the children to refit and decorate toy wagons, transforming them into Conestogas. Once the … Continue reading 3rd Graders Walk the Oregon Trail


Earth Day Celebrations

The Lower School celebrated Earth Day this week learning about many of nature’s gifts: clean water, fertile soil, the ability to harness the wind’s power and the sun’s energy, and the creative force and reflective nature of humankind. Throughout the day, the students participated in hands-on learning activities that integrated art, literature, science, prayer, and … Continue reading Earth Day Celebrations


A Lesson in Strength and Spirit

On Wednesday morning, Morah Vered’s 6th grade Language Arts students had the unique opportunity to meet a young, Jewish woman who is both deaf and legally blind. Accompanied by Jax, her service dog, and Dr. Sheryl Cooper, her interpreter, Sarah joined our class to tell her inspiring story of adversity, resilience, and triumph. Her visit … Continue reading A Lesson in Strength and Spirit


Passover is in the Air in Krieger Schechter’s Lower School

Passover is just around the corner and this is quite evident as you walk the halls of Krieger Schechter’s Lower School and hear selections of the Haggadah being recited in every classroom. In fact, our kindergartners have been busy creating their very own Haggadot to use at both their model seder here at school and … Continue reading Passover is in the Air in Krieger Schechter’s Lower School


Friends Sharing the Joy of Purim

As part of our “Friend to Friend” program, Krieger Schechter 1st graders and their 5th grade “friends” went to Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital to share in the joy of Purim.  The children paraded through the residential floors dressed in Purim costumes and singing holiday songs.  Following the singing, they spent a few minutes … Continue reading Friends Sharing the Joy of Purim


When We Enter the Month of Adar, Our Happiness Increases

This week our second grade classes led a weekday morning Rosh Hodesh service, ushering in the Hebrew month of Adar. The children were the hazzanim, leading all of the prayers as well as reading from the Torah. At the conclusion of the Torah service, there was a short presentation discussing the history of the observance of Rosh Hodesh followed … Continue reading When We Enter the Month of Adar, Our Happiness Increases


First Graders Celebrate Siyyum HaSefer

There was much to celebrate at Krieger Schechter, as yet another group of children marked their learning to read in Hebrew. On Tuesday, February 5, the students of Kitah Aleph celebrated this important accomplishment with a short presentation emphasizing the letters of the alef-bet with sayings well known in modern Hebrew and in our tradition. Each child was presented … Continue reading First Graders Celebrate Siyyum HaSefer


Visiting Author

Award-winning author Doreen Rappaport challenged KSDS students to find their voices as writers as she related her own experiences in becoming a published author. Her enthusiasm for the writing process and the research involved captivated students, who shared interesting insights and asked thoughtful questions. Many thanks to the Silverman/Brown families, whose generosity made this program possible.


Great Fruit Debate

In honor of Tu B’Svhat, the 6th graders presented the annual “Great Fruit Debate.” Through speech, art and song/dance, each team showed creativity, profundity and talent in trying to persuade our judges to select that team’s fruit as a new 8th fruit to celebrate on Tu B’Shvat. As 5th graders in the audience cheered them … Continue reading Great Fruit Debate


What’s in a Shabbat Box?

What’s in a Shabbat Box? Just ask our kindergartners who have been very busy preparing for their upcoming Kabbalat Shabbat program. The children have decorated a Kiddush cup, candlesticks, and a challah cover. They have made Shabbat candles out of beeswax. This week the students braided and baked challot to be served at our kindergarten family Shabbat dinner. Shabbat Shalom!


Student Grammarians

Last week Morah Vered’s sixth grade Language Arts students taught a grammar lesson to Mrs. Baylin’s first graders. This undertaking began with four sixth graders, including Sarah H., Morgan S., Sarah R., and Amanda T., who volunteered to work during lunch/recess to create a PowerPoint presentation, an interactive ENO board activity, and a handout that … Continue reading Student Grammarians


Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration

KSDS Lower School celebrated the achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. this week by hearing stories, watching videos, and participating in simulations that shared Dr. King’s message of courage, respect, equality and peace. In each classroom, the children discussed how Dr. King’s dream lives on through our actions and deeds. At the end of … Continue reading Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration


All Hands on Deck for Health!

It’s cold and flu season, and KSDS 1st graders have turned this into an opportunity for community service. Their research taught them that the best way to prevent the spread of germs at school is by thoroughly washing hands. Each student designed and created a decorative poster for our school’s bathrooms that explains when and … Continue reading All Hands on Deck for Health!


Slam Poet Workshop with Grade 8

What It Means To Be A Jew. Many a person has tried to answer that, but no one has done it in quite the manner as our visiting slam poet, Andrew Lustig. Last week, Andrew Lustig began his poetry session by performing his original poem I Am Jewish. Andrew led the eighth grade students through … Continue reading Slam Poet Workshop with Grade 8