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The Light of Chanukah

Krieger Schechter was honored to welcome two Israeli scouts, bringing with them the torch and flame from the graves of the Macabees in Israel, to help the school celebrate the last days of Chanukah! With singing, spontaneous dancing, questions and answers, we celebrated with our friends from Israel, and saw our chanukiyah be lit with … Continue reading The Light of Chanukah


Second Grade Toy Drive

The second graders want to thank you for all of your donations to our annual Toy Drive!! We just completed our mitzvah and loaded the truck to capacity! Please see all of our smiling faces in the photo! We can only imagine the smiling faces of all of the children who will be recipients of … Continue reading Second Grade Toy Drive


Building Community

Friends come in many forms at Krieger Schechter– from classmates, to reading partners, to teammates and playground companions. Throughout the school year, Lower School and Middle School students are partnered in our Friend to Friend program. By learning, playing and celebrating together, our students learn that another opportunity to make a new friend is always … Continue reading Building Community


8th Grade Holocaust Studies

“You are my witness”. These words are engraved into the wall at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. In early December, as our 8th graders walked through the permanent exhibit at the museum, they expressed the feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the images, the voices, the names, the stories. Despite class readings, discussions, … Continue reading 8th Grade Holocaust Studies


Grade 1 Celebrates Hanukkah

As part of our study and celebration of Hanukkah, our first graders participated in an olive oil-making demonstration. Students donned the costumes of Matthathias, (the High Priest from the Temple) and that of a Syrian/Greek soldier. Together, the story of Hanukkah was reviewed. As they worked to operate an olive press, the first graders discovered that it takes many … Continue reading Grade 1 Celebrates Hanukkah


Green Day Video

Please check out this video with highlights from “Green Day” made by our Lower School technology teacher, Mrs. Levine.


Learning Hebrew with a Taste of Milk and Honey

Our kindergarten students are learning Hebrew through Chalav U’Dvash, an exciting, innovative Hebrew language program. Bentzi, the turtle puppet, (with the help of our fabulous teachers), “teaches” conversational Hebrew by engaging the children in dialogue, games, songs, movement, and dance. 


Green Day Celebration

Krieger Schechter’s Lower School celebrated Green Day this week as part of a week-long focus on Appreciation. During the celebration, the students rotated through stations where they focused on learning about the natural world and what they can do to help protect it. The children participated in sessions including a playground simulation about the scarcity … Continue reading Green Day Celebration


Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

Why did the turkey cross the road? To join the Pilgrims and American Indians at a Thanksgiving Feast! KSDS Lower School students joined together at a Thanksgiving Feast to celebrate the holiday in true Krieger Schechter style — with friends, with song, and with opportunities to give back to our community. At the Feast, the students sang … Continue reading Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving


Israel Day

Students wore blue and white on Monday to show support for the land and people of Israel. As we gathered for a group photo, everyone burst out in a round of Hebrew song. The message was clear, we stand proudly with Israel. עם ישראל חי


Schechter Science Showcase

Well over 200 people – parents, students from K-8th grade and friends – attended our 2nd Annual Schechter Science Showcase, as families experienced, learned and explored science throughout the afternoon. Each family rotated through specific sessions facilitated by teachers, parents and alumni, built on various topics within the disciplines of science, math, engineering and technology. … Continue reading Schechter Science Showcase


Apple Investigation!

Our first graders had a great time participating in November’s Apple Investigation Day. In a science experiment, the students had the opportunity to test various liquids and their effects on the browning of apples. In addition, they measured and weighed, wrote poetry describing apples using their senses, made apple patterns, graphed, and of course, sampled several varieties of … Continue reading Apple Investigation!


Grade 7 Visits the Capitol

As a wrap-up to their unit on Civics and the Election, the 7th Grade recently visited the Capitol in Washington, D.C. for a tour and a private meeting with Senator Ben Cardin. The Senator, addressing the entire class, discussed the issue of separation of church and state in relation to how he views his role as … Continue reading Grade 7 Visits the Capitol


“The Immigrant’s Trunk”

In preparation for a field trip to the Jewish Museum of Maryland, our third grade Judaic Studies classes were visited by Mrs. Ida Rehr, an early 20th century Jewish immigrant to the U.S., who was portrayed by the actress Katherine Lyons. Mrs. Rehr shared her experiences, both the joys and the hardships, making them come … Continue reading “The Immigrant’s Trunk”


Senator Cardin Davens with Grade 7

We are honored to have had a special guest with us in 7th grade morning minyan on Monday – Senator Ben Cardin received an aliyah to celebrate his recent reelection to the U.S. Senate. In addition to being one of our U.S. senators, Senator Cardin is also the grandfather of two KSDS students, one of … Continue reading Senator Cardin Davens with Grade 7



On Friday, November 9, we commemorated Kristallnacht, the Night of the Broken Glass, which took place in Germany and Austria on November 9 and 10, 1938. These events mark the beginning of the Holocaust. In grades 2-4, there was a short program led by our librarians, Sonia Kozlovsky and Laurie Margolies. The children listened to the … Continue reading Kristallnacht


Middle School Covers the Elections!

Students across all middle school grades participated in learning activities in Social Studies classes to prepare for, and follow along with, Election Day. 5th graders designed their own candidate, complete with a particular stand on key issues, and examined political cartoons related to the presidential candidates. 6th graders used a sample ballot as the means for discussing important issues in … Continue reading Middle School Covers the Elections!


Leaders We Believe In

What makes a good leader? This question was on the minds of KSDS lower schoolers this month as they learned about the candidates running for national, local and school offices. The students learned about positive and negative campaign strategies, studied issues and debates, and participated in an exciting simulation that demonstrated how the popular vote and … Continue reading Leaders We Believe In


How did Mother Nature Measure Up?

With thoughts of Superstorm Sandy flooding our memories, it’s hard to remember that just last week we were enjoying beautiful 80 degree days! On one of these extraordinary afternoons, our 2nd grade math team took advantage of the balmy weather by taking the learning outside, allowing the students to explore their environment using metric and standard measures of … Continue reading How did Mother Nature Measure Up?


Kindergarten”Yom Aleph Bet”

The day of an average kindergartner is filled with building blocks, some tangible, others not. There are wooden blocks, Lincoln logs, and Legos with which our children play, create, and develop fine motor coordination. On the less tangible side, there are the building blocks of learning. In our Kindergarten program, these building blocks include both … Continue reading Kindergarten”Yom Aleph Bet”


Grade 8 Learns from “Teacher of the Country”

Israeli teacher, Ronit Lugasi, who is a winner of this year’s “Teacher of the Country” recognition, visited KSDS to share about the joys and challenges of teaching in Ashkelon (Baltimore’s sister city in Israel). Ronit spoke in Hebrew to the students, discussing schooling in Israel, the challenges of teaching under the threat of missiles. Ronit’s … Continue reading Grade 8 Learns from “Teacher of the Country”


Grade 7 Meets with Israeli Soldier

7th graders met with a guest speaker from the Israeli Defense Forces who had lived in Baltimore his entire life until he went to Israel for a post-high school trip. Chaim Ani travelled to Israel and realized that he wanted to stay and join the army. He is back in Baltimore now for a short time, … Continue reading Grade 7 Meets with Israeli Soldier


Grade 4 is On the Ball!

4th Graders recently completed reading Yang the Youngest and his Terrible Ear by Lensey Namioka, and explored the music and sports themes introduced in the book throughout this week. The students participated in a book chat where they discussed the traits of various characters, and worked collaboratively to create Character Posters which depicted those traits. They investigated how … Continue reading Grade 4 is On the Ball!


The Story of Creation

Here at Krieger Schechter our curriculum is often enhanced by the contributions of our parents. Following the study of “The Story of Creation” in Humash, our first graders under the direction of a first grade parent, created colorful murals depicting their interpretations for each day of creation.


Kindergarten Hunts for Bil

Today in Kindergarten we brought our bears on a “Bil” hunt. He wasn’t in the book room. He wasn’t near the bathroom. He wasn’t near the basketball nets.  He wasn’t in the Berman lobby. We found him in his office. He joined us in the Berman Lobby and brought a basket with baggies containing blueberries … Continue reading Kindergarten Hunts for Bil


Hooray! Hooray, for the USA!

KSDS Lower Schoolers celebrated American tradition, innovation and achievement this week as they celebrated the school’s first USA Day. From a historical perspective, the students learned about the symbolism of the American flag and other American icons, and then created their own personal flags. Integrating physical education and music, the students square danced to Turkey in the … Continue reading Hooray! Hooray, for the USA!


Grade 3 Tastes “Biblical Lentil Soup”

Our third grade Judaic Studies classes recently read the Humash story about how Jacob bought the birthright from Esau for a bowl of lentil soup and bread. This sale enabled Jacob to become the leader of the family upon the death of Isaac. In class, the students discussed which qualities would make a good family leader … Continue reading Grade 3 Tastes “Biblical Lentil Soup”


Fire Fighting Friends

Everything is viewed as an opportunity for learning at KSDS, and that includes this week’s visit from the Pikesville Volunteer Fire Department. After the older students returned to their classrooms following a scheduled fire drill, the Kindergartners had the opportunity to meet with several firefighters to learn about fire fighting equipment and to discuss fire safety. Our youngest students were able … Continue reading Fire Fighting Friends


Fragility Games

7th graders explored the Sukkot concept that a temporary, fragile structure must be treated as our permanent, strong home for the week of the holiday. To reinforce this idea, student teams competed in games designed to make fragile things seem more strong. Teams received points for how tall they could build a lego tower, how … Continue reading Fragility Games


The Best Day Ever!

“This was our best day ever!” These words echoed through the first grade hallway at Krieger Schechter the other day. The children had just returned from a “Sukkah Hop” where they visited the sukkot of two of their classmates. In each sukkah various aspects of the holiday were discussed. The discussions were followed by a healthy snack. In addition to visiting the … Continue reading The Best Day Ever!


Genesee Valley

On October 4, the fifth grade visited the Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center. The games we played relied on teamwork and communication, as small groups took on tasks such as crossing an imaginary spider web or rescuing a rubber chicken. The students also cheered each other on during individual “challenge by choice” climbing activities. The … Continue reading Genesee Valley


The Mitzvah of The Harvest

On Thursday, the second day of Hol haMo’ed Sukkot, KSDS 6th graders and our visitors from Ashkelon experienced the harvest festival at Kayam Farm at the Pearlstone Center. The students participated in a variety of activities that illustrated the mitzvot pertaining to the harvest, such as the rule that farmers must leave the corners of … Continue reading The Mitzvah of The Harvest


Parade of States

What do you get when you combine “Fifty Nifty United States” with 36 adorable second graders? A spirited Parade of States! Krieger Schechter’s second graders showcased their research skills, presentation skills and listening skills this week as each student addressed the entire grade about his or her assigned state. Clearly, the future of our nation is in … Continue reading Parade of States


Learning Through First Hand Experiences

In conjunction with their Humash (Bible) studies, our 4th graders had the opportunity to reenact “avodah b’farech” (hard labor).  The children made mud bricks and experienced a taste of how our ancestors felt when they were slaves in Egypt. After a brief orientation, where Pharaoh, (Morah Berman), introduced the activity, the children proceeded outside to … Continue reading Learning Through First Hand Experiences


8th Grade Math Gallery Walk

Mrs. Nesky’s 8th grade Algebra 2 students produced original works of digital art to explain different types of lines and slopes. In this photo, her class is participating in a Gallery Walk of these original creations. Students are completing a peer review worksheet which will assist them in the  revision process.


Are We Indeed Like Clay?

Having begun the study of the book of Breishit, Genesis, with the Jewish story of creation, we approached the the season of the New Year with its many themes focusing on trying to better understand our relationship with God. Comparing the Hebrew words for creation Vayivra and Vayezer, with the Piyut,  the liturgical poem read … Continue reading Are We Indeed Like Clay?


Soccer Season Off to a Great Start

Middle School students have begun a great soccer season – having a blast as they are learning, developing and competing as a team. Good games have been played by all teams, and we are proud of all of their accomplishments! Go Lions!!


One Wish

If you had one wish to grant, and a friend who really needed some important gifts, what would you wish for her? KSDS first graders pondered this very question as they celebrated the Earth’s birthday in anticipation of Rosh HaShanah. “If I could give the World a birthday gift,” they wrote, “I would give it…clean … Continue reading One Wish


8th Grade Speaker from Jewish National Fund

The 8th grade was happy to welcome Ariel Kotler, a representative from the Jewish National Fund (JNF), to give our students an update on current JNF projects in Israel. Our guest helped the students learn more about the current water and weather situations, and discussed ways that Jews around the world can make a difference. … Continue reading 8th Grade Speaker from Jewish National Fund


It’s a Small World After All

Our fourth graders recently had the opportunity to learn about the Japanese story-telling format called Kamishibai. A group of 10 fourth graders were elected to be part of our Kamishibai Hebrew enrichment program. Over the course of the school year, these students will meet weekly with Morah Ann Berman during recess and exchange drawings and … Continue reading It’s a Small World After All



After days of clues and games, the 8th graders learned the selection for their 8th grade all-Hebrew musical – Oklahoma!! The year “1907” was posted around the middle school (the year that Oklahoma became a state!) and 8th graders received packets of grits (southern/western food) as they came into school on Thursday. After making their … Continue reading O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A!


MS Commemorates 9/11

Middle School students prepared for the commemoration of the 9/11 attacks by conducting oral history interviews with their parents and grandparents, reflecting on their experiences from the event. Excerpts from some students’ interviews were shared over the loudspeaker in the morning in a beautiful presentation. A moment of silence and a reading of Sim Shalom … Continue reading MS Commemorates 9/11


First and Second Graders Learn to Make a Shofar

In preparation for the holiday of Rosh Hashana, our first and second graders learned first-hand about the process of making a shofar.  The program, which was conducted by Rabbi Baron from the Lubavitch Educational Center, began with a discussion about which animals are considered kosher, permitting their horns to be used as a shofar. The … Continue reading First and Second Graders Learn to Make a Shofar


Orioles Magic!

Team spirit filled the halls of Krieger Schechter this week as students dressed in their favorite teams’ colors in celebration of the Orioles’ Race for 1st Place.  Although the students donned the colors of their favorite teams — the Orioles, the Mets, the Red Sox and even the Yankees — they were united in their … Continue reading Orioles Magic!


5th Graders Begin Learning Torah Trope

5th grade students have already begun to learn the “trope” – the special notes – for chanting directly from the Torah during prayer services. This amazing skill is something that all 5th graders will have gained by the end of the year, growing in confidence, leadership and responsibility for taking care of that part of … Continue reading 5th Graders Begin Learning Torah Trope


8th Grade Science – A Walk in the Park?

8th graders have begun to explore the world of motion and physics, beginning with concepts related to speed (as a function of distance and time). One recent lab activity had students discovering the effects of small changes in one’s walking pace on one’s overall speed.


Preparing our Patrols

Advancing to the next grade at Krieger Schechter isn’t just about acquiring new skills in academic areas such as Reading, Math and Hebrew, it’s also about growing as a community member. Since the beginning of the school year, our incoming 4th grade safety patrollers have been learning about respect, responsibility and effective leadership with Dr. … Continue reading Preparing our Patrols


Middle School – First Day

Smiles, friends, hugs, high-fives and general all-around excitement were the themes of the first day of school for the Middle School. From our brand-new 5th graders, to the 8th grade new “seniors” of the school, Middle School students eagerly greeted their teachers and classmates, and excitedly set up their lockers, binders and school supplies. After … Continue reading Middle School – First Day


A New Year, A New Mitzvah

On the first day of school, the 7th graders who will become bar mitzvah this semester began wearing tefillin, to gain practice, comfort and expertise in the mitzvah. One of the most visible differences once someone becomes bar mitzvah is the wearing of tefillin; students who had already learned how to “wrap” tefillin worked with … Continue reading A New Year, A New Mitzvah


A Wake Up Call

In the month of Elul, we sound the shofar, awakening us to the importance of preparing for the coming New Year. Each morning at Krieger Schechter, our Lower School students gather around Morah Berman as she sounds the shofar. 


Welcome to Kindergarten!

Congratulations to the newest members of our KSDS community – the Kindergarteners of 2012-2013. In less than one week, these remarkable children have begun to form their own community, making new friends and learning to work together to face new challenges, under the leadership of a dedicated team of educators. Look out, Krieger Schechter – these … Continue reading Welcome to Kindergarten!


8th Grade Graduation and Celebrations

It has been a wonderfully celebratory week for our 8th grade students! Following their joyful return from Israel earlier in the week (and some much-needed rest and laundry!), 8th graders put on their finest and danced the night away together at the 8th Grade Dinner Dance. After a night of music, food and dancing, students … Continue reading 8th Grade Graduation and Celebrations


5th Grade State Fair

5th graders culminated their study of the United States of America by presenting an interactive, fun and educational State Fair to the school! Each student researched a different state, and created a “booth” with information about that state, and fun activities and food related to that state’s history and culture. Lower School and Middle School … Continue reading 5th Grade State Fair


Skype with Israel – It’s a Small World After All

Our fourth graders  had the opportunity to learn about the Japanese story-telling format called Kamishibai. A group of 15 fourth graders elected to be part of our Kamishibai Hebrew enrichment program. Over the course of the school year, these students met weekly during recess and exchanged drawings and written Hebrew compositions with students from an elementary school … Continue reading Skype with Israel – It’s a Small World After All


Lower School Choir Concert

What’s the most beautiful sound in the world? It just might be children’s voices joined together in song. So imagine the school’s delight this week, as we had the opportunity to hear our Lower School Choir performing at their Spring Concert. Nearly 50 3rd and 4th graders, under the direction of Sara Fuld, shared traditional songs and contemporary hits, incorporating … Continue reading Lower School Choir Concert


8th Graders in Israel

Our 8th grade students are coming to the close of their two-week visit to Israel. The students have had a blast, touring the country, hiking, meeting people, learning Israeli history, experiencing Shabbat and daily prayer in our ancient homeland, and living in the land that is our heritage. We await their return next week to … Continue reading 8th Graders in Israel


KSMS Students Compete at Jr. Maccabi

We are very proud of the KSMS students who competed at the Jr. Maccabi regional games in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania two weeks ago. Congratulations to our students, who participated in games and competition with other Jewish pre-teens in the Mid-Atlantic area, in these sports – basketball, soccer, tennis and swimming!


Everything is Illuminating – 1st Grade Picture Parent

KSDS first graders learned about the rich history of illumination, the art of decorating literary works and Jewish religious texts. The children learned about this rich history through the KSDS Parent Association-sponsored “Picture Parent Program.” Our first graders were taken on a special tour of the Hendler Learning Center at Chizuk Amuno Congregation to view examples … Continue reading Everything is Illuminating – 1st Grade Picture Parent


4th Grade Afloat!

4th Graders explored the Chesapeake Bay this week aboard two of the Living Classrooms Foundation’s floating classrooms, the Lady Maryland and the Sigsbee. As part of an ongoing study of Maryland this year, the students learned about the Chesapeake’s economy and ecology, and participated in activities designed to help them understand the impact of humans on … Continue reading 4th Grade Afloat!


“Keep the Dream Alive”

We gathered in the sanctuary to celebrate Jewish learning, as our third graders marked the occasion of Siyyum Sefer B’reishit, the completion of the study of the book of Genesis.  The children, under the guidance of our talented and dedicated Judaic Studies teachers, Ann Berman, Daniela Eyal, and B’racha Lang, along with our equally talented music … Continue reading “Keep the Dream Alive”


3rd Grade Endangered Species Programs

It has been a thrilling week as the 3rd grade hosted 2 very special events — Biome Day and a visit from the Baltimore Zoo’s ZooMobile. During Biome Day, the students traveled the world, visiting grasslands and tundra, deserts and marshland.  In each center, the students conducted experiments to better understand the conditions under which the … Continue reading 3rd Grade Endangered Species Programs


5th Grade Philadelphia Trip

5th graders and their parents spent a day last week in the heart of Philadelphia – touring sites related to early American history and early Jewish history in America as well. Parents, students and teachers all enjoyed the day trip (as you can see in this picture of Ben Franklin’s carriage)!


7th Grade New York Trip

7th graders spent three glorious days last week in New York City! Connected to their social studies and Jewish history classes about the growth of cities and Jewish immigration to the United States, this trip gave students the opportunity to learn, explore, and have a tremendous amount of fun together! Highlights included: a Broadway show, … Continue reading 7th Grade New York Trip


Middle School Spirit Day!

This year’s theme? A surprise! Students dressed and ready for a traditional Spirit Day Color War quickly discovered that MS Spirit Day had become the Hunger Games! Working in teams, our “districts” competed in games and contests, showing which district was most worthy of being the champion. A fun time was had by all thanks … Continue reading Middle School Spirit Day!


6th Grade Teva Overnight Trip

Our 6th graders have returned (a bit tired!) from their 4-day, 3-night nature retreat at the Pearlstone Center. As part of the Teva program, our students went on hikes, learned about conservation,and explored our environmental responsibilities, all from a fun, Jewish, spirit-filled perspective! Campfires, group sing-a-longs, great counselors and more filled the days with fun … Continue reading 6th Grade Teva Overnight Trip


2nd Grade Humash Study

Our second grade Humash (Torah) curriculum focuses on the life of Abraham with an emphasis on Abraham’s connection to God and to the Land of Israel. By looking at his positive character traits, the students come to view Abraham as a role model. As a culminating activity this week, the students enjoyed an interactive white board lesson … Continue reading 2nd Grade Humash Study


1st Annual 1st Grade World’s Fair

Guten tag! Hoy! Konichiwa! Bonjour! This week, our First Grade hosted the 1st Annual KSDS World’s Fair as a culmination of their study of Communities Around the World.  In school, each student had the opportunity to research one of the world’s nations, studying its geography, economy and national symbols, as well as aspects of its traditional … Continue reading 1st Annual 1st Grade World’s Fair


5th & 6th Grade Lag Ba’Omer “Bonfires”

To celebrate Lag Ba’Omer and the traditional lighting of bonfires (symbolizing the light of Torah study, even in the face of persecution), 5th and 6th graders made creative (non-fire) bonfires out of craft and natural materials. Students “earned” different types of materials by answering questions about Torah verses that they studied, and worked together to … Continue reading 5th & 6th Grade Lag Ba’Omer “Bonfires”


Erev Zemer – Evening of Song

What a celebration! The entire KSDS community – students, parents, teachers and guests – joined together for an evening of singing, in honor of Dr. Schneider. The evening included songs sung by each grade-level in the school, and featured some of Dr. Schneider’s favorite songs, along with songs about Israel (his favorite place!). What a … Continue reading Erev Zemer – Evening of Song


First Grade Yom Sh’ma

This week our first graders and their parents celebrated “Yom Sh’ma,” an afternoon of exploration, learning, creating and, of course, eating. The program focused on the Sh’ma prayer, which is the central prayer in the Siddur and is recited every morning and every evening. The first paragraph of the Sh’ma commands us: V’Shinantam L’vanecha, and you shall … Continue reading First Grade Yom Sh’ma


Teacher Appreciation Week

It was Teacher Appreciation Week this week, and each day our dynamic Parents Association members treated the KSDS faculty to wonderful surprises. The teachers felt appreciated, and also took time to treasure some of the other gifts received this year:   Bright, inquisitive students who eagerly enter the school each morning,  Creative, caring faculty members and … Continue reading Teacher Appreciation Week


MS Music Bands Rock It Out!

During the Middle School Instructional Showcase, guests were treated to great entertainment from our 5th grade Recorder Ensemble, and the 6th, 7th and 8th grade Music Ensembles. Playing instruments new to many students this year, these mini “garage-bands” performed current radio hits as well as traditional and modern Hebrew songs. We are so proud of … Continue reading MS Music Bands Rock It Out!


Middle School Instructional Showcase

Middle School parents and students joined together to celebrate the innovative, creative and high-level learning that has taken place throughout the school year. Families browsed through tables of project displays, writing samples, art and woodshop creations, video productions and more, reflecting a year of learning in all of the disciplines. Thank you for a great … Continue reading Middle School Instructional Showcase


3rd Grade Judy Chicago Dinner Party

Imagine my delight at having the opportunity to share dinner conversation with Louisa May Alcott, Wanda Gag, Georgia O’Keefe, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Helen Keller and Ella Fitzgerald at the 3rd grade’s recreation of the Judy Chicago Dinner Party this week. At the dinner table, the famous female artists and authors, played by the students who … Continue reading 3rd Grade Judy Chicago Dinner Party


MS Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzma’ut

Middle School students experienced the emotional highs and lows that occur in Israel over the two days this week including Memorial Day for Israel’s Fallen Soldiers (Yom HaZikaron) and Israel Independence Day (Yom HaAtzma’ut). Students participated in a moving ceremony honoring Israeli soldiers, including some members of our school’s own families. The next day, we … Continue reading MS Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzma’ut


8th Grade HeLa Author Chat and Hopkins Visit

As a culminating program for our 8th grade year-long integrated curricular exploration of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, we were privileged to hear the author, Rebecca Skloot, speak to a large audience at Essex Community College. Our students heard insights directly from the author about her experience with this amazing story and Henrietta Lacks’ … Continue reading 8th Grade HeLa Author Chat and Hopkins Visit


LS Celebrates Israel Independence Day

Our Lower School marked Israel’s 64th birthday with an afternoon of celebration, touching on all five senses and employing multiple modalities. Each grade level created an art project on the theme of Israel, participated in Israeli dancing, viewed a video on Israel, and dined at the “Krieger Felafel Cafe.” Our afternoon of fun culminated in … Continue reading LS Celebrates Israel Independence Day


PE – Gymnastics!

Do you remember the very first time you were able to balance in a headstand?  The thrill of crossing the balance beam without assistance? The exhilarating feeling of climbing to the top of gymnasium? While developing their self-confidence, coordination, strength and balance, KSDS Lower Schoolers are celebrating their achievements this week in tumbling and gymnastics.


Middle School Yom HaShoah Commemoration

Middle School students honored the memory of those who had to endure the horrors of the Holocaust. 8th grade students presented images from their visual journals, reflecting on their studies of the Holocaust and their visit to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. 7th and 8th grade choir students evoked feelings and meaning through their beautiful … Continue reading Middle School Yom HaShoah Commemoration


7th Grade Gettysburg Field Trip

On April 17th, the 7th grade enjoyed a day of discovery at The Gettysburg National Military Park. Students were led through the re-enactment of “Pickett’s Charge” in conjunction with the Gettysburg Park Ranger program. During the program, students received soldier identities, marched a mile across an open field, examined primary source documents, got to see … Continue reading 7th Grade Gettysburg Field Trip


Lower School Commemorates Yom HaShoah

The Lower School commemoration of Yom HaShoah for grades 2-4 was conducted by our 4th grade students in the chapel on April 19. Emphasis was placed on the positive impact that we can have as human beings, even in the midst of tragedy. Last year, the program included essays in Hebrew written by our 4th … Continue reading Lower School Commemorates Yom HaShoah



As part of ongoing friendship groups occurring throughout the Lower School with Dr. Buck, Morah Reznik’s kindergarten class participated in a group about respect. Respect was defined as treating someone the way you want to be treated and being considerate of other people’s feelings. Dr. Buck presented different situations and potential conflicts in which students … Continue reading Friendships


Peter Pan – An Amazing 8th Grade Hebrew Musical!

Kol HaKavod (all the honor) to the fantastic students in the 8th grade class – your production of Peter Pan, entirely in Hebrew, wowed three straight sold-out audiences, and your matinee revue for the K-5th grade students was a wonderfully fun, interactive theater and learning experience. We are so proud of the students’ dedication to … Continue reading Peter Pan – An Amazing 8th Grade Hebrew Musical!


6th Grade Science Fair Projects

The grade 6 scientists have just completed their science fair projects. After learning the scientific method (hypothesis, variables,materials, procedure, data, graph, and conclusion), the young scientists performed their experiments at home. They presented their findings to their classmates with a tri-board display. The students enjoyed using scientific inquiry to solve problems, and we loved the … Continue reading 6th Grade Science Fair Projects


Passover Preparations in the Lower School!

As you walk down the Lower School hallways at Krieger Schechter, signs of Passover preparation are everywhere! Kindergartners are listening attentively to a live performance of a Passover story. Children in grades 1-4 are reciting from the Hagaddah with enthusiasm. First graders are designing and painting pillow cases for their seats at the seder table. … Continue reading Passover Preparations in the Lower School!


4th Grade Maryland Memories

KSDS 4th graders spend much of the year learning about Maryland’s natural resources, geography, government, history, famous citizens and … food!  Last week, the 4th graders shared their knowledge by inviting the entire Lower School to the Maryland Awards, where achievement awards were presented to innovators Benjamin Banneker and Peter Cooper, human rights activists Thomas … Continue reading 4th Grade Maryland Memories


Middle School Students Help Israel

Many Krieger Schechter Middle School helped make phone calls on behalf of the JNF (Jewish National Fund) last month at the organization’s “Green Sunday.” KSMS students helped raise money and awareness for continuing ecological needs in Israel, and worked together with adult volunteers from across the community. Kol HaKavod (Great Job!)! Image from:


Middle School Music Ensemble Rocks!

On any Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, the sound of the KSMS rock bands – our music ensembles – can be heard in the hallways. Playing a wide array of instruments, from piano to drums, from viola to guitar, KSMS students learn to perform modern songs, complete with vocals. We love the spirit and talent of … Continue reading Middle School Music Ensemble Rocks!


Passover Parent-Teacher Workshop

A small group of Krieger Schechter parents gathered on a beautiful spring evening for a “behind the scenes”  session on the teaching of Passover. The workshop was led by representatives from our Lower and Middle School Judaic Studies faculty. The teachers presented a Kindergarten through 8th grade view of our Passover curriculum, which was followed … Continue reading Passover Parent-Teacher Workshop


Super Scientists!


Teen Immigrants Visit 6th and 7th Grades

This past Thursday, eighteen ESOL students from Patterson High School visited Krieger Schechter. Hari and Bhola, Bhutanese refugees who lived in Nepal, Lisbeth from the Dominican Republic, and Marvin from the Philippines shared personal stories with the 6th and 7th graders. They spoke about life in their native countries, and their lives now in the … Continue reading Teen Immigrants Visit 6th and 7th Grades


8th Grade Play Rehearsals

8th graders have been rehearsing for the past months, getting ready for their upcoming all-Hebrew musical production of “Peter Pan!” With everyone’s hard work, scenes, dances and songs are almost ready for opening night! We look forward to welcoming KSDS families at one of our three performances – Monday 3/26, Tuesday 3/27 or Wednesday 3/28 … Continue reading 8th Grade Play Rehearsals


What Do Feathers and Gossip Have in Common?

In preparation for our upcoming visiting author Debbie Waldman, her beautifully illustrated book, A Sack Full of Feathers, was read to each class in the Lower School.  In this adaptation of an old Jewish folktale, a young boy learns a valuable lesson about lashon ha’ra (gossip). The book was read and discussed during Judaic Studies and … Continue reading What Do Feathers and Gossip Have in Common?


Storytellers Travel to KSDS

Our first graders made many new friends this week as they immersed themselves in their study of geography and world cultures. ESOL students from Patterson High School, trained in storytelling by KSDS parent and professional storyteller Jennifer Rudick Zunikoff, traveled to KSDS to share stories of their families and their homelands.  The children were enchanted by … Continue reading Storytellers Travel to KSDS


Purim in the Middle School!

It was a wonderfully fun Purim day at KSDS! 8th grade students proudly chanted from the Megillah, according to traditional Megillat Ester trope, and helped the entire K-8 school fulfill the mitzvah of hearing the Megillah on Purim. While all of our students were dressed in fun, creative costumes, larger-than-life costumed characters roamed the Sanctuary … Continue reading Purim in the Middle School!


8th Grade Learns About Israeli Arab Perspective

At a time when we face political and religious extremism in our society and in the world at large, it is so encouraging and gratifying to meet Mr. Mamoun Asady of Deir Al-Assad, Israel. This week, Mr. Asady, a friend of Krieger Schechter Day school parent, Dr. Desmond Kaplan, met with the eighth grade class … Continue reading 8th Grade Learns About Israeli Arab Perspective


Lower School Celebrates Purim

With great excitement, students and faculty arrived at school in costume and gathered together as a full school to hear the reading of Megilat Esther by our middle school students. Following the reading of the Megilah, it was time for “Bargain Baffle,” a Purim lottery where students have the opportunity to win prizes donated by faculty … Continue reading Lower School Celebrates Purim


Wagons, Ho! – the 3rd Grade Play

KSDS Lower School joined the 3rd grade wagon train last week as the pioneers led us westward on a fun-filled, musical adventure. Traveling by wagon, by river and by rail, we encountered many challenges along the trail as we pursued land, opportunity and gold! For more pictures from the 3rd grade play, please click the link … Continue reading Wagons, Ho! – the 3rd Grade Play


4th Grade Judaics Classes Create “Agam-ographs”

Our 4th grade students created an art project in the style of Yaakov Agam’s lenticular printing. Each student juxtaposed two images, a hand-drawn depiction of one or more of the Ten Plagues from their Humash studies, alongside a photo of a site or scene in modern Israel with that child’s photo superimposed, placing him/her at the … Continue reading 4th Grade Judaics Classes Create “Agam-ographs”


6th Grade Family Shabbat Dinner and Service

Thank you to all of our 6th grade families for a wonderful, warm and fun Shabbat evening last week. Our 6th graders led us in Friday night davening (communal, “in-the-round style), and then we all joined together for a fun and spirited Friday night dinner. The evening included a strong sense of community, Jewish celebration, … Continue reading 6th Grade Family Shabbat Dinner and Service


8th Grade HeLa Parent-Student Book Chat

Monday night saw an amazing KSMS experience – students and parents from the 8th grade participated in an inter-disciplinary book chat evening, discussing The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, from three curricular lenses: literature/language arts, science, and Rabbinics/ethics. We were so pleased to be joined by many members of Henrietta Lacks’ family as … Continue reading 8th Grade HeLa Parent-Student Book Chat


Learning By “Leaps” and Bounds

KSDS Lower Schoolers springboarded their learning as they incorporated Leap Day activities into their week’s experiences. In math class, the students measured their own leaps, and used their data to discuss units of measurement and data analysis.  Fourth graders found friends in Kindergarten and helped them make origami frogs. Students made weekly “jumps” on the calendar, … Continue reading Learning By “Leaps” and Bounds


MS Crazy Hat Day – Rosh Hodesh Adar

To celebrate the beginning of the month which includes the holiday of Purim, KSMS students enjoyed “Crazy Hat Day” on Rosh Hodesh Adar! Creativity and fun abounded, as we welcomed the month of Adar with all of the fun and silliness that it deserves! If Rosh Hodesh Adar was this much fun, then we can … Continue reading MS Crazy Hat Day – Rosh Hodesh Adar


KSDS Alumni Back at School

We are very lucky to have so many of our alumni who choose to come back to KSDS to teach, intern or otherwise help in many capacities. Many of our alumni, now students at Beth T’filoh High School, ho choose to come back to KSMS on Wednesday mornings to lead our middle school students in … Continue reading KSDS Alumni Back at School


When We Enter the Month of Adar, Our Happiness Increases

This week our second grade classes led a weekday morning Rosh Hodesh service, ushering in the Hebrew month of Adar. The children were the hazzanim, leading all of the prayers and reading from the Torah. At the conclusion of the Torah service, there was a short presentation discussing the history of the observance of Rosh … Continue reading When We Enter the Month of Adar, Our Happiness Increases


Starry, Starry Afternoon?

As a culmination of their study of astronomy, 3rd and 4th graders were treated to a visit to Towson University’s Mobile Planetarium this week. Inside the inflatable dome, the students used the Big Dipper to locate the North Star, Polaris, and witnessed, in “quick time,” how the stars appear to revolve around Polaris throughout the … Continue reading Starry, Starry Afternoon?


Learning Festival Olympics Day at the JCC

The middle day of our Learning Festival takes us out of the school building – and what an amazing day it was! The entire Middle School spent the day at the JCC, participating in sports races, games and friendly competitions as part of our Olympics celebration. Students signed up in advance for the sports and … Continue reading Learning Festival Olympics Day at the JCC


MS Learning Festival – Let the Games Begin!

This week is our annual Middle School Learning Festival – a 3-day period when we take a “break” from the regular curriculum and give students the chance to explore a theme or topic throughout the disciplines, in hands-on workshops and activities, while learning from the expertise of outside presenters. This year’s Learning Festival is a … Continue reading MS Learning Festival – Let the Games Begin!


LS Hebrew Homework Room

In the Lower School we offer a Hebrew Homework Room at no charge on Monday – Thursday afternoons from 3:30pm – 4:00pm. One classroom is staffed by Judaic Studies teachers who provide assistance in the completion of Judaic Studies homework for grades 1 and 2 and a second room is staffed by Judaic Studies teachers … Continue reading LS Hebrew Homework Room


1st Grade – Cutting Edge Creativity

To a first grader, what is a rectangle? A three syllable word? A two-dimensional geometric figure? In art class, our students viewed rectangles as raw material to create wintertime collages. The first graders observed themselves in mirrors, then unlocked the potential of each rectangle to represent human forms, jackets and sleeves, boots, scarves and hats. … Continue reading 1st Grade – Cutting Edge Creativity


6th Grade Great Fruit Debate

In honor of Tu B’Svhat, the 6th graders presented the annual “Great Fruit Debate.” Through speech, art and song/dance, each team showed creativity, profundity and talent in trying to persuade our judges to select that team’s fruit as a new 8th fruit to celebrate on Tu B’Shvat. As 5th graders in the audience cheered them … Continue reading 6th Grade Great Fruit Debate


KSMS Pep Rally!

As we get excited for next week’s annual basketball tournament, KSDS students came to a fabulous, fun pep rally to support our teams! Led by the KSMS cheerleaders and the KSDS Lion mascots, the entire school cheered for students on the Boys’ and Girls’ A and B teams. The highlight of the Pep Rally was … Continue reading KSMS Pep Rally!


Lower School Celebrates Tu B’Shvat

In honor of Tu B’Shevat, the New Year of the Trees, the students of the Lower School learned about seasons in Israel and discussed the importance of trees in the Torah and in our world today. Our students discovered ways in which we benefit from trees, as well as ways in which human beings can … Continue reading Lower School Celebrates Tu B’Shvat


3rd Grade “Womemmy” Awards

Krieger Schechter Lower School experienced the glamour and excitement of the red carpet this week as celebrity 3rd graders presented the annual Womemmy Awards to 8 famous women from all walks of life. Among this year’s honorees were Julia Child, Eleanor Roosevelt, Beverly Cleary and Betsy Ross. The achievement awards were accepted by hard-working students … Continue reading 3rd Grade “Womemmy” Awards


KSMS Presentation of Shoshana Cardin: A Life’s Journey

On Monday, students from the 8th grade and KSMS Chamber Choir presented a beatiful, artistic program in honor of the life of Shoshana S. Cardin. Through music, drama, symbolism and story, the students retold key moments from the life of this amazing Jewish communal leader, emphasizing the importance of learning, respect, Jewish community and love … Continue reading KSMS Presentation of Shoshana Cardin: A Life’s Journey


MS Student Council at AIMS Leadership Conference

On Wednesday, January 24th our 6th and 7th grade student council representatives attended the AIMS Leadership Conference at Garrison Forest School. The conference consisted of a hands-on workshop about leadership styles and how that translates into working collaboratively with others. Through a series of simulations, our student council reps learned how to  build strong teams with … Continue reading MS Student Council at AIMS Leadership Conference


First Graders Celebrate Siyyum HaSefer

There was much to celebrate at Krieger Schechter, as yet another group of children marked their learning to read in Hebrew. On Thursday, February 2, the students of Kitah Aleph celebrated this important accomplishment with a short presentation emphasizing the letters of the alef-bet and with sayings well known in our tradition.  Each child was presented with … Continue reading First Graders Celebrate Siyyum HaSefer


Our Wonderful World – 4th Grade Wonders!

The world is full of wonder, and humans have been cataloguing the Wonders of the World since ancient times. Our 4th graders had the opportunity to learn about the Wonders as an extension of their Social Studies unit on Ancient Greece. Each student collected information from print and digital sources, producing a research paper and … Continue reading Our Wonderful World – 4th Grade Wonders!


6th Grade Tefillah – Mezuzah Project

6th grade students in Morah Yehudit’s Tuesday tefillah class have been making mezuzot, in conjunction with their study of the Shema and the commandments in it. Working with a parent from the class, students first learned how to tie a set of tzitzit with the proper number of twists and knots, and explored the symbolism … Continue reading 6th Grade Tefillah – Mezuzah Project


Middle School Arts Coffee House

It was a wonderful evening celebrating KSMS students’ accomplishments in the arts! At our annual Coffee House on Thursday night, the packed audience of parents and students were treated to performances from the Middle School music ensembles, choir, drama class scenes, 5th grade recorder group and 8th grade shadow puppet art/drama class. In addition, there … Continue reading Middle School Arts Coffee House


3rd Grade Writing in Hebrew

At Krieger Schechter writing is integrated across the curriculum. In their Judaic Studies classes, our 3rd graders have just completed a long-term project, incorporating recently acquired  vocabulary to write short Hebrew stories about themselves. These stories were assembled by the children into attractive booklets and were shared with a 3rd grade class in Israel where … Continue reading 3rd Grade Writing in Hebrew


Read Me a Memory, Tell Me a Tale – 2nd Grade Fairy Tales Play

There are many storytellers and many stories, but did you know that our 2nd Graders are some of the most talented storytellers in town? On Wednesday, the 2nd Grade culminated their literature unit on Fairy Tales by entertaining the Lower School with a musical presentation of multiple versions of the Cinderella story.  Cinderellas joined us … Continue reading Read Me a Memory, Tell Me a Tale – 2nd Grade Fairy Tales Play


5th Graders Learning Torah Trope

Each week, 5th graders work with Dr. Moshe Shualy to learn the art and skill of chanting directly from the Torah, according to the traditional trope. Students approach their study with awe and great spirit, understanding the importance of the task they are undertaking; they stand in front of the Torah with care and diligence, … Continue reading 5th Graders Learning Torah Trope


KSMS Brand-New Cheerleading Team!

2..4..6..8…Who Do We Appreciate…. Yes, this year KSMS has incorporated a Cheerleading Team into the After-School Sports program. The Coach and inspiration for this idea is Mrs. Gitomer. There are 18 girls that practice twice a week and cheer for our basketball teams every Thursday. The team really does a great job keeping the spectators … Continue reading KSMS Brand-New Cheerleading Team!


The Blessing of Parents

Everyone knows that children are a blessing. In the Lower School at Krieger Schechter Day School we are blessed with 181 children. But we are also blessed with parents.  Our parents volunteer throughout the school year in many capacities, enhancing and enriching  our program. This week, parent volunteers assisted in the kindergarten to braid and … Continue reading The Blessing of Parents


Ravens Fever reaches Krieger Schechter

Amid a sea of purple, some of our youngest students participated in Fantasy Training Camp activities in Phys Ed class this week.  The first graders practiced passing and receiving, and simulated agility drills using hurdles and tires.  Everybody agreed that you can “have a ball” while getting great exercise!


8th Graders Prepare “Shoshana S. Cardin: A Life Journey”

Several 8th grade students have been working for the last weeks toward a creative presentation of the life story of Shoshana S. Cardin. In collaboration with a dramatist, a Jewish History teacher, and Mrs. Cardin, the students have learned about oral history and creative retelling of someone’s life. All parents of K-8 students are invited … Continue reading 8th Graders Prepare “Shoshana S. Cardin: A Life Journey”


5th Grade MLK Program

Through song, poetry and an amazing self-made video production, our 5th graders presented a moving tribute to the life and ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The students’ creative and meaningful presentation raised everyone’s awareness of continuing issues of tolerance, inequality and prejudice in our world, while emphasizing the ability that each of us … Continue reading 5th Grade MLK Program


Kindergarten Shabbat Box

What’s in a Shabbat Box? Just ask our kindergartners, who have been very busy preparing for their upcoming Kabbalat Shabbat program. The children have decorated a Kiddush cup, candlesticks, and a challah cover. They have made Shabbat candles out of beeswax. Next week the students will braid challot to be baked and served at our … Continue reading Kindergarten Shabbat Box


1st Grade MLK Play

The Lower School students were entertained and inspired this week by a touching and thought-provoking program produced by our first graders. The young actors introduced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s values of respect, brotherhood, and peace, and applied those ideals in The Land of Many Colors, where the inhabitants of The Land learned that communication, … Continue reading 1st Grade MLK Play


7th Grade Jewish Family History Night

Congratulations to the 7th grade and their families. We are so very proud of you and of your deep committment to the Family History Night program. Students, parents and grandparents shined as they told  many fascinating stories reflecting the hardships, pride and connections to their past. Family origins ranging from Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Poland and … Continue reading 7th Grade Jewish Family History Night


Middle School Advisory and Harry Potter

What do lightning bolts, owls, and wands have to do with Krieger Schechter Middle School?  If you haven’t heard, we are using the wisdom of J.K. Rowling to teach students the practical application of the Kavod Code.  If you’ve ever seen the Harry Potter movies, you’ve no doubt noticed that, aside from the magic, Harry … Continue reading Middle School Advisory and Harry Potter


4th Grade Copper Embossing – An Integrated Project

In conjunction with both their Humash and Hanukkah studies, our 4th grade Judaic Studies classes merged the symbolism of the burning bush with the custom of designing commemorative coins, which was prevalent during the time of the Maccabees. Each child created their own symbol on pencil and paper, and then using an embossing stylus transferred … Continue reading 4th Grade Copper Embossing – An Integrated Project


4th Grade Explores the Founding of Maryland

While many of us reflected on our family travels last week, 4th Graders reflected on the historical voyage that led to the founding of the state of Maryland. Students researched the crossing of the Ark and the Dove using primary and secondary sources, and used their research to create works of historical fiction documenting the … Continue reading 4th Grade Explores the Founding of Maryland