KSDS PA Grade Parents

The KSDS PA grade parent representatives help provide a network between our amazing school and our wonderful families. They also work to strengthen the connections between families within a particular grade and across grade levels. In sum, they bring the goals of the PA to the classroom and beyond. Some of their responsibilities are: to attend board meetings (held every month) and relay the information to parents, plan grade-wide social event for parents, recruit volunteers for class, grade-wide or school-wide events or programs, collect money for class gifts for teachers, promote PA sponsored events, etc.  Your grade parents will keep you up to date with information from the Parent Association and from school.  We thank them for being an important link between the parent community and the school.

Please see below the Grade Parents for the 2016-17 school year.

KSDS PA Grade Parents, 2016-2017

Kindergarten Melanie Glickson ([email protected])
Liz Pittman ([email protected])
First Grade Jamie Davidov ([email protected])
Melanie Wilder ([email protected])
Second Grade Jeremy Alter ([email protected])
Heather Michaelson ([email protected])
Third Grade Amanda Levine ([email protected])
Andrea Lieber ([email protected])
Fourth Grade TJ Intner ([email protected])
Jenny Gamliel ([email protected])
Fifth Grade Julie Bender ([email protected])
Nicole Fribush ([email protected])
Sixth Grade Debbie Geller ([email protected])
Jamie Moshkatal ([email protected])
Seventh Grade Deborah Cardin ([email protected])
Anat Zirkin ([email protected])
Eighth Grade Lisa Berlin ([email protected])
Amy Steinberg ([email protected])