Roots and Wings

Our Roots and Wings series is designed specifically for grandparents who want to help make a difference in their grandchildrens’ lives. 

The program addresses the unique issues that grandparents face and teaches them the tools needed to help children grow up to be resilient adults who choose to make healthy decisions.

The topics covered in the Roots and Wings series include:

  • What is risky in your grandchild’s life? What/who helps to protect him/her?
  • What standards do you have related to the use of substances such as alcohol, medicine or other drugs?   
  • How do you express feelings in constructive ways?  
  • Why is it important to use consequences, when possible, instead of punishment?
  • When are the best times to use teachable moments to impart values and attitudes?
  • What rituals and traditions do you share with your grandchild and what is the value of those experiences?  

Roots and Wings consists of three different small-group, interactive sessions. Each session will last roughly one and a half hours and will be led by facilitators Susan Kurlander (grandparent) and Rachael Abrams (current parent and alumna). You can chose to attend one session or all. Sessions will be limited to 12 people per group so sign up early!

Session I – December 5th at 10 am or 7 pm 

Topic: Promoting resiliency. What are the risks our grandchildren face? What are the protective factors we, as grandparents,  can put in place to promote resiliency?  When is the best time to use teachable moments?

Session II – January 30th at 10 am or 7 pm

Topic: Setting Standards. What healthy choices can we encourage our grandchildren to make related to the use of substances and other risky behaviors?

Session III:  March 20th at 10 am or 7 pm

Topic: Disciplining our grandchildren. Is there a difference between punishing them and having them face consequences?


RSVP Now! Space is limited to 12 people per group!