Tuition & Financial Aid


LevelTuition 2016-17
Lower School (K) $17,500

Lower School (1-4)

Middle School (5-8) $20,580

Tuition Reductions

CategoryAnnual Discount
Chizuk Amuno Congregation Members $100 per student
Children of Alumni $250 per student
Timely Enrollment Discount $150 per returning student
2nd Child* $250
3rd Child* $500
4th Child** $1,000

* Tuition reductions for more than one child apply only when students are enrolled at the same time.

**For families enrolled prior to 2012-13, no charge. All children must be enrolled at the same time.

Middle School Fees

Sports Fee                                         $110 per student per sport
Grade 6 Field Trip (TEVA)             $425 per student
Grade 7 Field Trip (New York and Sukkah Sleepover) $570 per student
Graduation Fee $100 per student
Grade 8 Israel Trip Cost TBD
Security Fee $100 per family