Lower School Life at Krieger Schechter Day School

The first years of Lower School mark the beginning of a lifelong journey. Curious and excited, our youngest students have a lot to look forward to.

Learning at KSDS Lower School is active, immersive and hands-on. Emergent readers, mathematicians, scientists, artists, musicians and athletes, our students build academic skills. They also learn skills that are as profound and they are simple: to share, to ask questions, to listen.

In the coming years they will journey through the ABCs and the aleph-bet as they learn to read and write in English and Hebrew. They will read their first whole book and get their own prayer book. They will master abstract concepts in math and explore the scientific method through experiments in the lab. Through literature, art, drama and music they will learn about the history of our state, our country and the land of Israel.

Immersion in Hebrew language for a third of each day lights up young brains. By integrating our studies across language arts and social studies, science, math and Judaics, we give students dozens of chances each day to see connections. The reading comprehension skills students learn in Language Arts serve them not only as they devour mysteries and biographies. These skills work as we study Bible stories, too.

On the first day, kindergarteners meet new friends and teachers. They get familiar with an environment for learning and play that will be their school home for years to come. In Grades 3 and 4, once wide-eyed first graders sit on the Student Council, lead the entire Lower School in prayer and read directly from the Torah. Thinking goes from the concrete to the abstract, preparing students' minds for the challenges of Middle School. In Grade 8, they will have put on a full-scale musical entirely in Hebrew. Before they graduate, they will travel as a class to Israel. They will have grown into their identity as Americans and as Jews.