KSDS Faculty Credentials


Allen, Erica M.A. (Jewish Education) – in progress; B.A. (History)
Arie, Lilach B.S. (Science Education)
Bar-Klein, Hana B.A. (Elementary Education)
Baylin, Barbara M.E.D. (Reading Specialist); B.S. (Early Childhood Education)
Berman, Ann M.A. (Biblical Studies); B.A. (Hebraic Studies)
Blum, Robyn Ph.D. (Curriculum & Instruction: Social Studies); M.A. (Jewish Education); B.A. (American History)
Bohn, Sarah M.A., Certificate in Administration and Supervision; B.A. (Early Childhood Education, Preschool through Grade 3)
Booth, Karen B.S. (Elementary Education)
Buchsbaum, Roxy B.S. (Education)
Buck, Sharon Psy.D. (Clinical Child Psychology); B.A. (Psychology)
Cohen, Hasia M.A. (History/Judaic Studies); B.A. (Literature/Education)
Cohen, Shannon M.S. (Science in Physical Education); B.A. (History)
Elrick, Donna C.A.S.E. Administration and Supervision; M.Ed. (Elementary Education with Reading); B.S. (Education)
Ferentz, Noah B.A. (Psychology)
Foxwell, Mike B.S. (Physical Education)
Friedman, Ellen M.A. (Jewish Education); J.D. (Law); B.A.
(Eastern European Government)
Fuld, Sara M.A.T. (Elementary Education); B.A. (English)
Gelber, Wendy B.S. (Mathematics)
Gordon, Steve M.A. (English / Writing); B.A. (English)
Green, Sharon Post-Master’s Certificate (Educational Leadership); MAT (Elementary Education); B.A. (Hebraic Studies)
Grobani, Sally M.A. (Jewish Education); B.A. (Musicology)
Hassan, Ali M.A. (TESOL); B.A. (History and Jewish Studies)
Jennings, Dianna B.S. (Early Childhood Education)
Kosmides, Jennifer M.A. (Elementary Education, Special Education Certification); B.A. (Speech Communications)
Kozlovsky, Sonia B.A. (History); B.A. (Jewish History)
Lang, Bracha M.A. (Jewish Education); B.A. (Jewish Studies)
Lee, Loretta M.S. (Educational Law & Policy Studies); B.S. (Early Childhood Education)
Levine, Amanda M.S.Ed. (Elementary Education); B.A. (Psychology)
Matz, Alina M.A. (Education/Jewish Studies);
B.A. (Education / Jewish Studies)
Minka, Tzeira Master CPC (in progress); CPC Education and Parenting; B.A. Education/Jewish Studies
Morgan, Monika Master’s (Leadership and Training); B.A. (Latin American Studies-Spanish-Political Science)
Muser, Nancy M.S. (Education); B.A. (Sociology & Education)
Nesky, Robin M.A.T. (Teaching); M.S. (Chemical Engineering); B.S. (Chemical Engineering)
Nusinov, Vered Ph.D. (Linguistics) – in progress; M.A. (Education/Secondary English); B.A. (English)
Obler, Lorin B.S. (Elementary Education & Psychology)
Parsons, Cara M.A.T. (Secondary Science Education); B.S. (Environmental Science)
Platzke, Kelly M.A. (Education); B.A. (Humanities)
Prince, Barbie M.Ed. (School Improvement Leadership); M.S. (Gifted Education); B.A. (Elementary Education)
Rabinovich, Linda B.A. (Elementary Education)
Raffel, Shuli M.A. (Judaic Studies); B.A. (Bible)
Reznik, Chantal B.A. (Jewish Education)
Schon, Erika M.B.A (Finance); B.A. (Economics)
Schulman, Karla B.S. (Education)
Siegel, Barbara M.S. (Science Education); B.S. (Botany)
Steinig, Deborah M.S.E. (Computer and Information Science);
B.A. (Mathematics, Philosophy, and English)
Thaler, Alex M.S. (Elementary Education); B.F.A. (Theatre)
Turkel, Yael M.A. (Jewish Education)
Vrzalik, Joseph B.S. (Civil Engineering)
Wahlberg, Jodi B.S.Ed (Early Childhood Education); M.A. (Education); B.A. (Judaic Studies and Journalism)
Wavle, Kristen M.A. (Counseling/Community); B.S. Political Science & Justice Studies
Wecker, Tzipora M.A. (Music Education); B.A. (Music Performance/Mathematics)