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Grade 8 Learns from KSDS Parent

Miriam Trinh Niborski, visiting scholar at JHU and parent of Schechter students, Ethel, Dina and Ruben, has given so generously of her time by meeting with each of four sections of Grade 8 Jewish History to teach an important lesson about life during the Holocaust. A professor in Israel at the Hebrew University, Miriam has … Continue reading Grade 8 Learns from KSDS Parent


Grade 5 Makes Sense of the Census

In HaMorah Raffel’s Grade 5 Hebrew class, the students completed a learning activity paralleling a modern census versus a Biblical one. Students began by studying chapter one in Numbers (BaMidbar) and discussing the mifkad, which is the poll or census God commanded Moshe to take. Moshe was instructed to count the number of males above … Continue reading Grade 5 Makes Sense of the Census


Kindergarten Field Trip

The Kindergarten recently visited and explored the farm at Pearlstone Center with hands on agricultural activities. Students visited the goats and hens, learned about the milking and laying process, and analyzed different types of seeds and plants. The field trip emphasized shmirat hatevah, our responsibility as humans to guard and protect nature. The farm at Pearlstone uses only sustainable farming … Continue reading Kindergarten Field Trip


Welcome to our Israeli Shinshinim (Ambassadors)

We welcome our Israeli shlichim, Yarden Vilchik and Noy Schwartz, who deferred their army service for one year to immerse themselves in the Baltimore Jewish community. The Shinshinim program is developed and facilitated by the Jewish Agency for Israel, through which they receive extensive training. Yarden and Noy will be part of the KSDS community … Continue reading Welcome to our Israeli Shinshinim (Ambassadors)


Grade 6 Studies Autism

Over the summer, Grade 6 students read the book “Rules” – the story of a boy with autism told through the lens of his younger sister. The book has then been the focus of Grade 6 Language Arts classes for the beginning of this school year. 6th graders also had a wonderful opportunity last month … Continue reading Grade 6 Studies Autism


Friend-to-friend Brings Students Together

This past Wednesday, Grade 1 and Grade 5 students worked together in a Friend-to-Friend activity. First the students listened to a story read by Mr. Thaler. Each page of the book depicted a different country from around the world and a sentence with opposite words, such as weep and laugh. Grade 1 students were then … Continue reading Friend-to-friend Brings Students Together


Middle School on the Move for Sukkot

Middle School students are on the move for Sukkot!! During the intermediate days of the holidays, MS students participate in some fabulous sukkot-themed field trips: Grade 5 students spend a day at the Genesee Valley Retreat Center, learning about trust and community, and building their grade-level’s relationship with each other. Grade 6 students learn about … Continue reading Middle School on the Move for Sukkot


Summer Reading Comes Alive for Grade 6

Mrs. Frisby’s Grade 6 Language Arts class completed a long-term written and oral presentation project about the books they read this summer. Each student gave a “gift” to the main character of their book and justified their choice of the gift by sharing character traits, themes, and specific textual examples from their book. The day … Continue reading Summer Reading Comes Alive for Grade 6


Grade 5 State Fair

How can lower school and middle school students load trucks with Georgian peaches, mine for Idaho gold, and participate in an Alaskan dog race, all in one morning?  By visiting the Fifth Grade State Fair! Each fifth grader created a detailed exhibit about one of the fifty states. Together, these exhibits showcased our country’s history, … Continue reading Grade 5 State Fair


3rd Graders Walk the Oregon Trail

As a sequel to “Apple Valley Days” when Grade 3 simulated life in an 1865 school house, our students traveled to Oregon Ridge to participate in a simulation of walking the Oregon Trail. In preparation, Mrs. Goldstein and Mrs. Hellman helped the children to refit and decorate toy wagons, transforming them into Conestogas. Once the … Continue reading 3rd Graders Walk the Oregon Trail